Fast Track Yourself Into Your Dream Job As A Software Developer Without Spending $10,000 On A Bootcamp

After spending nearly 4 years and thousands of dollars to land my dream job as a software developer, I can tell you with certainty that it can be done in a fraction of the time, for a fraction of the cost.

When I started learning to code I had no idea where to start. I spent nearly 3 years going through various online courses and building side projects without really knowing if what I was doing was helping me become a software developer.

I would take courses and feel great! Excited about the new skill I learned, only to feel utterly defeated when I went to put that knowledge into practice and couldn’t get the most basic examples to work. Add on to that cycle, the seemingly never-ending number of resources, courses, topics, and projects that are out there, it felt like there was no way I could learn everything I needed to know to become a software developer.

Around this time, web development bootcamps were becoming increasingly more popular. They offered the promise of learning everything you need to know to become a web developer in a matter of months. I could feel myself spinning my wheels so I found one locally that I could do part-time and I jumped in headfirst. Working full time and doing the Bootcamp part-time and somehow finding time to be networking and job searching.

3 months and $10,000 later I was still without a job! I had just spent all this time and money to end up basically where I started. It still took me nearly 4 more months to finally land my dream job.

There Is A Better Way…

Since then I have had to opportunity to be the hiring manager for my company and learn how companies hire and what they look for in candidates. Knowing what I know now, I know I could have done it in a fraction of the time, and that is exactly what I want to help YOU do.

Reach out and book in a call with me, so we can discuss how I help you land the career you want!



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