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Coding Bootcamps don’t work that well. It’s that simple. Read on to find out why. 

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Introduction to Coding Bootcamps and Why They Don’t Work

It is 2022 and technology is very much a part of our lives.  It has literally taken over the world and changed the way we do things. 

For an aspiring techie who loves to code, this can only be good news. Why, you ask? Because the world we are living in requires people with software engineering skills to match the technology.

The million-dollar question is; how do you go from having little coding proficiency to becoming a fully blown techie that can create applications at a professional level?

Many aspiring techies resort to coding bootcamps to learn the essential skills required to provide value to employers. But is this the best way to go about it?

Let’s look at coding bootcamps and why they are probably not the best option for you to acquire the skills you need to succeed as a software engineer.

Matthew Sevey Speaking about Coding Bootcamps
Matthew Sevey - Career Development Coach
Matthew Sevey and Luna thinking about coding bootcamps

What Are Coding Boot camps?


Coding bootcamps are a short, intensive, and concentrated course that aims to arm aspiring techies with the knowledge they need to kick start their software engineering careers. 

Unlike a traditional computer science degree which is broad and covers both theory and practical studies, a coding bootcamp focuses on the hard skills that employers are looking for. 

The coding bootcamps can last anywhere from 6 weeks to two years depending on your educational needs. 

Read on to find out if they are the best thing since sliced bread.

Why Coding Bootcamps Aren't Always Great...

They Are Expensive

You don’t need my scathing review of boot camps to know they are a costly affair. 

The average cost of full coding bootcamps in the United States is $15,715.  However, the cost can be anywhere from $7,800 to $21,000. 

Granted, this is comparatively cheaper than a 4-year university course, but it is still prohibitive for most people. 

One of the reasons for you to consider getting into tech is because you want a higher salary. You are therefore not likely to have such an amount of money lying around.

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coding bootcamps take up your free time

They Don't Work With Your Schedule

Bootcamps have a rigid structure that may not work in your favor especially if you have other commitments. 

The average bootcamp takes 16.5 weeks or just under 4 months. 

At the very least, you’d need to quit your job to participate in the program.  

This is not an attractive proposition if you don’t have an alternative source of income.

They Are One Size Fits All

Coding Bootcamps don’t offer personalized training. 

The typical bootcamp offers a prescriptive curriculum to students. They overlook the fact that students can [and do] arrive at the camp at different learning points. 

Some are forced to repeat materials they already know, wasting both time and money in the process.

coding bootcamps do not cater for your needs

They Don't Teach You How to Continue To Progress in Your Career

Granted, coding bootcamps teach you hard skills and allow you to connect with potential employers. 

However, this is NOT a guarantee that you will be hired. 

There are no lessons on how to progress in your career.

So there is always the possibility of spending time, effort, and significant amounts of money only to go back to the same job you were escaping.

They Don't Teach You How to Learn

There are plenty of testimonials from people who went into coding bootcamp and immediately secured themselves a job.

You must be asking yourself; ‘Are all these people lying?’ Well, it is not entirely impossible. However, what many fail to mention is they had prior programming skills before enrolling for the bootcamp.

The reality is, it is extremely hard to go into a bootcamp with zero programming knowledge and become an employable engineer within three months. Programming is much more complex than that.

A bootcamp will provide you with introductions to an array of topics, but you are unlikely to graduate with proficiency in all [or any] of them. You’ll still need loads of extra learning once you leave the bootcamp. Unfortunately, the bootcamp is not designed to teach you how to learn. You will need plans on how to do the extra learning required to become anything close to employable once you leave the bootcamp.

Matthew Sevey

Why Choose My Code Career Rather Than Coding Bootcamps?

Matt Sevey

If you are looking to accelerate your code career and become a competent software engineer without spending thousands of dollars, what you really need is My Code Career [link].

It will provide you with:

  • Clear path from where you are to where you want to be
  • Personalized learning plans and personalized interview prep
  • Stress-free transition done on your time and your terms.
  • Save thousands of dollars!

Contact Matthew Sevey, an accomplished career coach who helps aspiring techies fast-track their coding careers, and let’s get you started on the exciting journey that lies ahead!

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Check Out These Testimonials...

Carrie Klaphake Career Coach | Optimist | Activator

Matt is a positive, engaging public speaker who has spoken countless times at Northeastern University.

From classrooms presentations, to large speaker sessions, and small virtual workshops, Matt has always been a reliable, accountable, strong employer partner.
His relational approach when offering students insights and advise is received highly from students and faculty alike. I'd highly recommend partnering (and hiring) Matt to learn about software development, hiring manager insights, blockchain, and overall confidence booster!

Eric Wong Software Engineer at ProdPerfect

I first met Matthew at a web development bootcamp. My immediate impression
of him was "this guy knows his stuff!" and I was not disappointed. If you ever
have the pleasure of working with and learning from him, you will see that he is
consistent, demonstrates and unequal amount of willingness to help others,
and is always methodical and thorough in his explanations of complex
concepts. He is a great team player and reliable. I would recommend hiring him
for any of your software, blockchain, or coaching needs.

Carrye Gaulin Solutions Engineer | Global Pathways | NetApp

I met Matthew when he came into a web development boot camp I was a
technical coach for. He came in to talk about Skynet to these aspiring
developers and all things cool about a decentralized internet. I ended up
applying for a job within his company and interviewing with Matthew. He made
the process incredibly comfortable and was very supportive. Although I did not
get the role, Matthew still continued to help coach me for other interviews. Matthew is an incredible mentor,
supporter, and overall good human being that I am grateful to know. Thanks so much Matthew

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